Log Stores for Sale


Log Stores for Sale

log stores for saleIt’s Halloween ,ghosts and ghouls are out an about and its time to stay inside and get warm by the log burner.If you have any wood burning appliances in your home or garden its time to start looking for quality log stores for sale to keep your logs in tip top condition for the cold months to come to ensure you are warm and snug.

Logs need to be stored correctly to ensure that you have the best firewood to burn in your stove or log burner.If you invest your hard-earned money in seasoned or kiln dried logs then you leave them outside with no protection you are really letting your money go up in smoke.All the logs will do is re-absorb the moisture you’ve paid extra cash to have taken out!This leaves you with wet logs that are harder to burn and they also burn less efficiently ,meaning you need more logs to achieve the same amount of heat you would generate with well-stored dry logs.So its time to look for log stores for sale.

A good quality log store lets you stockpile your logs and store them in a way to keep them at their best.You should never stack logs log stores for saledirectly on the ground as they can absorb moisture from the earth. Logs need to be covered to protect them from the rain and there also needs to be sufficient airflow around each log to inhibit rot.Your best friend under these circumstances is Mother Nature , as wind blowing around the logs will remove damaging moisture. You should also ensure that your logs get as much sunlight as possible as this will also keep them dry and stop them rotting.The best place to store your logs is a log store.

Log stores come in many shapes and sizes and here at Gardeneco we have selected a  range of log stores for sale to meet everyone’s needs.From a premium single log store that is ideal if you do not need to store alot of logs or if you have limited space to site a log store.We also have a double log store if you need more logs and space isn’t an issue.The most common type of log stores for sale are made from soft wood. Check if this has been pressure treated,  forcing preservatives deep into the wood structure,to protect it from the elements and prolonging  its life. Alternatively,look for hardwood log stores but due to the nature of the wood these tend to be more expensive.Most log stores for sale are made from wood but we also stock a metal log store which is heavy duty and durable but perhaps doesn’t look as traditional as the wooden variety of log stores for sale.We also stock garden sheds and log cabins with a special log store compartment attached.Choosing this option means you don’t need two or three garden buildings cluttering up your outside space when one will do.

Whether you need your logs to use inside your home  for your wood burner or whether you need them your fire pit or chimenea in your garden, you need to check out our log stores for sale to make sure you have the best quality logs to burn throughout the winter and beyond.


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