Shed Bases for Sale

Hawklok Shed Bases for Sale

shed bases for saleIf you are looking for Shed bases for sale that are eco-friendly, no maintenance, value for money, made in the U.K and that are quick and easy to lay take a look at the Hawklok shed base system. This is made up of a unique set of polypropylene blocks that are designed so you can fit them together swiftly and securely to form a base for your garden building.
The Hawklok shed bases for sale have fantastic green credentials so now, if you are doing your bit for the environment in your home you can extend this same philosophy out into the garden. The Hawklok shed base system is made from 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene, that is also lightweight and easy and safe to handle. Compare this to laying a concrete base and the use of cement. For every tonne of cement that is made a tonne of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere plus a concoction of other air pollutants. The cement wet mix is extremely alkaline which is dangerous and unpleasant for the user and deadly to fish and amphibians. Also, laying concrete turns your green garden into a grey man-made environment and you have changed the habitat and the eco-system of your outside space forever.
Another alternative to Hawklok shed bases for sale would be to consider a wooden base. This method does have better green credentials than concrete as long as you buy your timber products stamped with the FSC (Forestry Standards Commission) logo. This means your wooden shed base is made from wood that has come a sustainable and renewable source and a well-managed forest.But,wooden shed bases for sale can rot ,you will need to do maintenance and it will need replacing at some point.
The hawklok shed bases for sale are maintenance free, self-ventilating and free draining meaning that your garden shed stays dry and you will not need to replace it so quickly. Rain tends to pool on concrete or slab bases as there is nowhere for the rain water to go. This means the bottom of the shed will rot, you will need to do more maintenance and you will need to replace the shed sooner than you should have to.
Another great feature of Hawklok shed bases for sale is that you can lift and relocate them as many times as you like. They are quick and easy to install and likewise if you need to move the shed or you are moving house and taking your shed with you, you can now take the base just as easily. This is impossible with a concrete base as the only way to lift this would be with a sledgehammer and a huge amount of back-breaking work . This re-usable and re-locatable feature of Hawklok shed bases makes them a very green product and it also saves you money as you don’t need to buy another shed base if you want to move your garden building.
Hawklok shed bases for sale can also easily and simply be cut to size using nothing more than a handsaw.This makes it an ideal base if your garden shed is a tricky size or an unusual shape.The hawklok shed base also comes supplied with a weed resistant ground sheet that you lay under the Hawklok blocks.This stops pesky weeds poking through the floor of your shed.Choosing hawklok shed bases for sale ensures that if you move the shed and base, to a different area of your garden,the ground underneath regenerates quickly, restoring your garden to its natural state.


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