clearing snow from sheds

Clearing Snow From Sheds

The snow may look very pretty and make the festive season feel a little more magical than others, but the dangers are not always visible – clearing snow from sheds is a key consideration. From making the roads unsafe to causing slips and falls on the pavements, snow can be a hazard. There are many ways to keep yourself safe in the garden when it is snowing, and if you can’t avoid it entirely, then take note of this advice.

Many people are caught out, especially when clearing snow from their outhouses, such as sheds, summerhouses and greenhouses. Clearing snow from flat shed roof is absolutely key to get through the snowy season. The addition of snow may make the roof look more solid than it is. By climbing up onto the shed roof to clear snow away, you are putting yourself at risk of falling though, especially if the roof is unstable, or the heavy snow has weakened it. In many respects, it is just as dangerous to be inside if a heavy snowfall has caused the roofing to weaken as falling snow and glass could cause substantial damage to yourself and your plants or storage items.

The risks to human life obviously outweigh the items you may have to repair as a result of snow damage; however it is wise to minimize these risks as best you can. Polycarbonate greenhouses , Metal and garden sheds should be cleared of snow often to ensure their stability remains. Most sheds are, in fact, not designed for heavy snowfall so it’s important, especially in an area in which snow fall can be extensive, to reinforce the roof.

Do not climb onto the roof fully, try and support yourself with a ladder or a lean-to that enables you to regain your posture should the roof give way, rather than have you tumble down on top of it. Metal roofs may shed snow more easily than shingled roofs, but they also provide far less grip in the instance of ice.

When constructing or purchasing a garden shed or outhouse, always consider the roof structure as an important feature. If you live in an area where the weather can be inclement or extreme, consider the protections not only your plants or storage items required, but also what the shed needs in terms of structure to ensure it does not compromise the protection it offers. Consider a roof that can handle heavy loads of snow if you sometimes experience this in the winter.

It is also worth thinking about buying a pre-constructed or pre-assembled shed. With a roof already made, you can rest assured that it has been made to the correct specifications, with high quality materials, by an expert who knows how to build roofs that last. Those sheds you have to assemble are also perfect if you are not a building or design expert and require something solid and sturdy that lasts, no matter what the weather.

When the snow comes, it can be time to enjoy the season, especially with your family and friends. However, knowing how to limit the risks to yourself and your property is key to this harsh weather condition and we can help.

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