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Garden Shed Buying – Help From Gardeneco

Garden Shed Buying

Gardeneco Shed Buying Guide

When you find a shed what about keeping it clean and tidy ?

A shed is a very useful addition to any outside space. It instantly adds precious storage for a whole host of things. You can tidy away bikes, children’s toys, the BBQ, lawnmower and garden furniture to leave your home, garden and garage clutter free. A shed is the quick and easy way to de-clutter whilst making the most of a forgotten corner of your garden.

But, there is a trap that we all fall into. A shed can easily become a dumping ground rather than a storage solution. It’s somehow easier to put broken or unwanted items into the shed rather than making a decision to bin them or recycle them. If you are no longer able to store essentials like gardening equipment in your shed without the risk of being buried under avalanche of cardboard boxes every time you open the shed door then it’s time to take action.

How to do it

First things first, you need to completely empty the shed. Take everything out and give your neglected shed a thorough clean. Brush away cobwebs, evict any furry tenants and check your shed for any rot.

Next get ruthless, get rid of anything that you don’t want or need anymore. The best way to do this is to follow one simple but golden rule. If you haven’t used it for two years then it’s time for it to go.

You need to ensure your shed is sound so check the condition of the roofing. Most sheds have a felt covering and this deteriorates over time. You need to replace damaged felt by stripping it off and replacing it with new material.

Your garden shed is a valuable storage space and you will be able to store more if you invest in some shelving units. You can buy these on the internet or go to your local DIY store. Just be sure you measure your shed before you go. Check measurements carefully as you need to be sure units will fit through the door of your shed when you get them home.

Once your shelving units are in place, organise and tidy everything away. It is also a great idea to fit a tool rack to the wall to organise and store your tools. This will keep them in better condition and should extend their usable life.

Sheds can be a favourite haunt of mice, especially when full of cardboard boxes and newspaper as they can create exceptionally cosy homes in a dark corner. It’s a wise precaution to place humane traps in your shed to prevent these critters setting up home and causing damage.

Take the opportunity to protect your lawn mower, tools and power tools with your house number and postcode using a security marker. This will help to identify them in case of theft.

It’s also wise to think about shed security. Make sure you have a strong lock on your shed and add security lighting to deter opportunistic thieves. If you don’t have an electrical supply use solar lights which now work even in low light conditions.

Remember to use Freecycle and eBay for your unwanted possessions. It’s better to recycle rather than send them to landfill. Recycling means the things you have no use for anymore may just find a new home with someone who really needs them.


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