Portable Gas BBQ

Portable Gas BBQ

You are determined to get the most out of your garden this season and so you’ve decided that you want to get a BBQ. But which one do you buy? There are so many to choose from!

Quite aside from the space you have designated for your barbeque you also need to think about functionality and capacity to suit your needs. There is no point in getting a BBQ that doesn’t allow you to cook for your nearest and dearest without doing shifts because your barbeque is too small! You want to be able to eat as well as cook – presumably you aren’t just the cook in this situation. Equally though, you don’t want a mass catering burner if it will be destined to remain unused. If you don’t get the chance to cook with it more than once a year for the mass family get together then what is the point? However, we offer a range of gas BBQs to suit each and every need and garden size so you don’t have to worry. From portable gas BBQs for holidaying or day tripping to larger multi-burners to please your friends all summer long, we’ve got something for everyone.

We recommend very highly the O Grill, whether it be the Travel Q or the Marco Grill they are brilliant. This fantastic BBQ has been on the market. The grill comes in 4 colours blue, orange, red and green. It’s cool scallop design looks great but makes easy to move around. We love the power options;

  1. Conversion kit for large patio gas bottle
  2. E-Type Adapter for Camping Gaz, Primus or Coleman bottles
  3. O Gas

Let’s have a look at the those options in a bit more detail

O Grill Conversion kit for large patio gas bottle

This is what the pipe looks like;

Marco Grill Clip on regulator in the grill

Marco Grill Clip on regulator in the grill

One end goes into the Marco Grill or Travel Q bbq (same thing)

Marco Grill brass adapter

Marco Grill brass adapter threading on to the grill

The other end clips onto your patio gas cylinder

Patio Gas Bottle

Patio Gas Bottle – just clips on top

Buy one by clicking here

And your away now do you need an o dock to stand it on?

E-Type Adapter for Camping Gaz, Primus or Coleman bottles

Marco Grill gas Type E adpater

Marco Grill gas Type E adpater on the bbq

E Type adapter

E Type adapter and the grill

Carefully thread on your converter to the grill here

Marco Grill gas

Slowly thread on and then thread your bottle on

Coleman bottle on Marco Grill

Coleman bottle on Marco Grill – be carefeul not too tight

Once on carefully thread on your portable gas bottle.

Primus on O Grill

Primus on O Grill

Check it has a thread on like this

Primus bottle

Primus bottle

Coleman, Camping gaz or primus all fit

And your away

Buy one by clicking here

O Gas


Marco Grill BBQ

Marco Grill BBQ

Easy just screws straight in – no adapters

Marco Gas

Marco Gas

Buy one by clicking here

O Grills are just great

What about something bigger?

BILEX485BPSS Napoleon

Napoleon Stainless Steel BBQ BILEX485BPSS Napoleon

Either stainless steel or enamelled finished gas barbeques both offer the best combination of finish as they are tough for a long lasting appliance, provide rust protection against the elements as well as being easy to wipe clean – which is a massive positive for anyone!

A gas BBQ will give you a sturdy barbecuing area so you don’t have to worry about safety; you just need to concentrate on getting the food cooked and enjoying it. We have a great range of BBQ’s and can offer you whatever other additional essentials you need for great outdoor cooking – from warming plates to utensil storage or food preparation areas for your raw meat or somewhere to rest your beer– you’ll find exactly what you need for great outdoor cooking.

If you are on the lookout for a larger BBQ, a unit with a multi burner will give you all over heat coverage– which will mean no cold spots if you are cooking a lot of food in a single batch. This is great for catering for groups of people. You have the confidence that the food you serve is going to be cooked evenly.

We can offer you everything from a two burner gas BBQ that is perfect for a smaller garden or where space is at a premium, right up to ultra, deluxe, six burner gas BBQs to wow all your friends, family and neighbours with! Choose and buy your perfect gas barbecue and get your garden sorted for long summer evenings and start entertaining family and friends.



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