Garden Rooms UK

Garden Rooms UK

If you have ever longed for a conservatory, you may have had a number of uses in mind. As your own personal space to relax in after a long day at work, away from the rest of the family, your pets or any other distractions and stresses. You may need a space to run an office within and need the peace and quiet that cannot be achieved in a busy household. Or you may prefer to have a stylish, airy space to invite your friends and family around for events and celebrations. Whatever your needs, there is now an affordable and fast way to obtain your perfect conservatory, without the hassle of usual methods.


Garden Rooms provide the same basic function of the traditional conservatory- they add an additional room to a household to decorate and style as you choose and to use for a variety of functions throughout the year. The benefits of Garden Rooms, however, are that constructively there is no need for new foundations. This means that, unlike a traditional build, you will not need to plan for and deal with the mess of laying additional foundations- which can be very time-consuming and highly expensive. Garden Rooms simply fit against and are supported by your existing walls. This provides the further benefit of cutting out an annoying task and allowing you to enjoy your new build as soon as possible.


You may think that the ease and simplicity of a Garden Room means a compromise in safety or style. This is simply not the case. Every Garden Room can be completed in a range of colours and shades; from traditional white, Rosewood, Lightoak or Woodgrain, to name but a few. For security, there are locking enhancements included as standard to ensure no-one can gain entry without your permission, protecting your personal items and expensive equipment. All Garden Rooms are installed with single Safety Glass or double glazed, as it is not simply the doors that need protection.


The roofing and glazing comes as standard with a 10 year guarantee, with many different options available for leaded or coloured glass to add an edge to your extra room. All of this can be installed and ready to use within weeks instead of months, which is what makes the Garden Room an appealing alternative to the conservatory that has haunted the purse strings and planning schedule for so long.




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