Greenhouses offer the opportunity for people to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Flower enthusiast can also grow their perennials year round. Many folks choose these plants based on space and time, as well as climate. Many know that living in the UK can be very cold during the months between December to about February, and this can be a problem for people with small grow houses. A shed based green house is how many solve this problem.
This type of plant house can be costly. A garden shed can cost anywhere from £100 to £1500.00 and above. Most will see this as a worthy investment to be able to confidently and comfortably grow what they want throughout the year.


A greenhouse is usually an entirely free standing structure. It is entirely surrounded and has adequately insulated walls like that of a house. The top of the greenhouse is usually slanted for snow or rain to fall off of. It also usually has a concrete or gravel base that the structure is set on. Sometimes a plastic base is used. A plastic base can warp and wear down eventually. The windows can be made of glass or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate panels are two hundred times stronger than glass and also retain and distribute heat evenly throughout the grow house. Glass is used as well for areas where ultraviolet rays are not as strong or for growing desert succulents that are not as sensitive to the sunlight’s harmful rays.


A benefit to a free standing garden shed is that a grower can have a full irrigation system installed into the shed. Ventilation systems are also installed to promote even air flow throughout, and to also keep out the growth of harmful fungus and mildew that can damage or even kill new seedlings and plants. Timers can be installed so that at certain times of the day or evening, the vegetation can be fed automatically. There are some of these greenhouses that also allow for automatic fertilizing.


Shed greenhouses are movable. But it can be costly to do so since the wiring and irrigation hoses and lines must be detached. Also, if a solid concrete base has been poured for this type of greenhouse, it will have to be broken up for removal. Since there are usually many plants that are being grown in these that are sensitive to certain seasons, timing is also a factor. The most obvious disadvantage is that a person is building, or had a free standing structure built that will have to adhere to state and local building code laws.Even though there are many considerations to be made before purchasing this type of greenhouse there are many advantages that outweigh the other considerations. A person will have very little maintenance in this type of a plant house, other normal pruning and fertilizing. The growers’ crop will have little to worry about from pests getting to them, this will mean that most can be a completely organic grow. The plant lover will also benefit from the amount of time that is freed up to enjoy other activities. Since most of these garden sheds are larger than their smaller counterparts, growing shrubs, vegetables, flowers and even beginning trees can be done all from one spot. A person can grow whatever they like year round as long as the unit has proper ventilation and heating capabilities installed.

greenhouse can increase the beauty of a home because it can be built to mimic the homes look and feel. This type of build personalizes the persons’ grow and helps to show an extension of their home. A person can grow their plants to maturity and then transfer them after they have been inspected and deemed strong enough, to smaller greenhouses. All dependent on the size of the persons’ property they can build one of these greenhouses for residential and commercial growing. The profits can then be used to help offset the costs of building the structure.

A green house is not for people with limited space, but can be perfect for the growing enthusiast that has little time. It offers strength against the harshest of winters and nature. It produces a stronger plant because it is grown and retained in an unchanging artificial ecosystem. It is recommended for people that have a good knowledge of growing principles, and that have larger spaces they wish to build on. It is very versatile as well. Seedlings and cuttings can be started, but plants that are already healthy and growing can be grown there to. This greenhouse style offers the largest way to grow what a person loves while still offering hands on feel.


In a fast paced world a shed base garden is a great way to go. It offers enjoyment year round. Time and weather restrictions are virtually diminished for the grower. Freedom and self-fulfilment is usually attained from almost anyone who can afford to have one of these greenhouses. They can be pricey, but in the long run pay for themselves, and make it well worth it for a person that loves gardening.


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