Lean to greenhouse

Lean to greenhouse

A lean to greenhouse usually attaches to the side of a home and consists of a roof and two gables or sides and the front. It is attached to the house usually with a sealant to the wall. It can be made of used antique window panes ,which add to the aesthetics of a wooden ranch home, and can be made of polycarbonate panels that are single or twin paneled. These panels withhold heat between the panes and offer a thermal covering for the plants. It has the strength of almost two hundred and fifty times that of glass, and can be white, opaque or bronze. White offers the most direct access to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Opaque and bronze panels offer increasing protection against sunlight and its harmful rays.


Some persons to be more cost efficient, use polythene sheets that are almost a completely clear plastic. This type is used where there is adequate shading usually because there is little to no ultraviolet protection.


6x4 Lean to greenhouse

6×4 Lean to greenhouse

These grow houses are perfect for people that do not want to add a complete structure to their property. Although some do decide to knock down a wall and install a door directly to it. These structures blend easily into the home and can also add selling value to the home. They are also used by people that have smaller dwellings such as an apartment and have access to a balcony wall. They can vary in height which is also a benefit for those that are restricted with space. Plant houses of this type offer multiple tiers that can be added and removed for new seedlings or to grow larger shrubs or saplings.


The structures are as easy to maintain as smaller plant houses but are placed usually against a wall. The benefit comes however, in the fact that a grow house of this nature allows the user access to the houses amenities. Often the benefit comes in being able to run a water source directly from the house, as well as a way to run ventilation to the plants. Some folks place the mini grow house directly behind the back door to their kitchens to allow the ability to instantly pick fresh fruits and vegetables, while avoiding the cold.


Lean to greenhouses have to be maintained as equally as other plant houses. They can be prone to condensation from the adjoining structure so it is important to keep them well ventilated or mold and fungus can form that can ultimately destroy the plant. The best way to accomplish this is to water at soil level. PVC pipes can be used to create a drip system if the person is handy. If the person has a “green thumb” in plants and a “black thumb” in construction basics, a fully formed side of the home greenhouse can be bought. Prices vary from £80.00 to £410.00 and beyond all dependent on what the grower expects to yield and the money they have to spend.


Lean to greenhouses offer many people the ability to grow their own fruits and vegetables without building a completely new structure and losing valuable space. People can usually run irrigation systems and ventilation systems to their plants and seedlings themselves making it both convenient and cost effective to do so. If a person does not have adequate space this type of grow house can allow them the fun and enjoyment of flowers and vegetables that are in most cases organically grown. With a little trial and error, the use of pesticides can also be dramatically reduced, offering a safer alternative to most store bought produce. Over time the techniques learned in growing can be used on larger greenhouses.


So if the person decides to become more than hobbyists, they will properly be able to set up and grow their plants. Since there are numerous styles and constructions of the lean to, it can be tailor made to add beauty and practicality to almost any ranch or two-story home.

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