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Greenhouse Insulation for Winter

Greenhouse Insulation Using Bubble Wrap For the second time this week I’ve had to scrape the ice of the car so there is no denying the temperature has dropped and it’s time to think about greenhouse insulation.Greenhouses are great as they extend the growing season at both ends and properly insulated and heated you can grow fresh salad leaves and … Continue reading

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The Green,Green Grass of Home

The Green, Green, Grass of Home Your lawn is the backdrop to your garden and looking after it now will mean next year you will have the perfect setting for your barbecue party. When autumn comes, the days get shorter and the temperature drops, you might think that cutting your lawn is over for another year. But, no autumn is … Continue reading

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Buying a Mini Greenhouse

Buying a Mini Greenhouse Buying a mini greenhouse is a wonderful addition to any garden and great for either the complete novice gardener or the expert with super-green fingers.Mini greenhouses come in wide variety of styles and designs. Prices can vary between £50 for a plastic framed, polythene skinned mini greenhouse to almost £1,000 for a top of the range … Continue reading

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How to Make Compost

How and why to make compost Making compost is an inexpensive and natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden.It is very easy to make and use. Environment • Composting utilises household and garden rubbish that might normally end up in landfill into beautiful rich soil and plant food for … Continue reading

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How to Build a Raised Plant Bed

Summer is calling and it’s time to get planting; try this quick and easy how-to guide to build a raised plant bed in your garden. Raised plant beds are a great addition to any garden. As well as beautifying your green space a raised plant bed acts as a big plant pot, allowing you to control everything from moisture to … Continue reading

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RHS Give Their Latest Gardening Tips After Unseasonably Warm Fortnight

With the unseasonably warm weather we’ve experienced in the past few weeks, a lot of gardens have reached the optimum planting period a lot quicker than usual. For that reason, the Royal Horticultural Society have released a list of tips for starting your gardening and planting this week to ensure you get the best possible plant and vegetable growth this … Continue reading

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Tips for Gardening During a Drought

Believe it or not there are some parts of the UK experiencing a drought. It’s February!! The sun has poked its head out for a few days in the past couple of weeks, and some parts of the South East are already lacking water. If you’re already a gardening guru, you’ll know what to do in this situation, but many … Continue reading

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Start Gardening Now For the Best Results this Summer

Pruning is one of those jobs that gardeners keep putting off with the hope that their plants might magically return to life and start flowering. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case and your gardening plans for the summer can be thrown out with the trimmings. With the weather this week showing (some) signs of improvement, now is the time to … Continue reading

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Help your Plants Survive the Winter Chill

With the right maintenance and preparations, you don’t have to spend all winter fearing for the life of your garden plants. While the time spent caring for and nurturing your plants during the summer can seem like a waste of time once the frost strikes, taking the necessary precautions can help your plants to survive the challenges, and we have … Continue reading

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Titchmarsh Wants Britain to Start Gardening

TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh feels that gardening is “much more important” than politics in the UK, and that the British public are “glued to their televisions”. In an interview for the Newsnight programme on the BBC, Titchmarsh, who is one of the most popular faces on British television, stuck up for the traditional pastime during one of the show’s typical … Continue reading

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