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What are Raised beds

What are Raised beds Raised beds suitable for any outdoor space from Gardeneco What are Raised beds ? As we head towards Spring and leave the cold winter months behind us, many people are starting to think about their gardens and outdoor spaces. For years, raised beds have been popular among those with green-fingers who appreciate their extreme versatility yet, … Continue reading

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The Green,Green Grass of Home

The Green, Green, Grass of Home Your lawn is the backdrop to your garden and looking after it now will mean next year you will have the perfect setting for your barbecue party. When autumn comes, the days get shorter and the temperature drops, you might think that cutting your lawn is over for another year. But, no autumn is … Continue reading

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Buying a Mini Greenhouse

Buying a Mini Greenhouse Buying a mini greenhouse is a wonderful addition to any garden and great for either the complete novice gardener or the expert with super-green fingers.Mini greenhouses come in wide variety of styles and designs. Prices can vary between £50 for a plastic framed, polythene skinned mini greenhouse to almost £1,000 for a top of the range … Continue reading

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Garden Sheds

Winner of the Best Garden Shed 2012 For a lot of people the garden shed is nothing more than a functional building occupying the least attractive corner of the garden. Designed to hold the lawn mower, a selection of garden tools plus provide storage to whatever has been dismissed from the house in the latest round of de-cluttering. But then … Continue reading

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Greenhouse Ideas

Greenhouse A greenhouse is a fantastic addition to any garden as it not only extends the growing season at both ends, but also widens the choice of things you can successfully grow in the UK with its erratic and challenging weather conditions. A greenhouse provides you with your very own micro-climate letting you control the temperature and the humidity in a sheltered … Continue reading

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Rain,rain go away(no really enough is enough!)

Met Office confirms wettest June in over a century! June 2012 is officially the wettest month on record according to Met Office figures. We have experienced double the average amount of rain falling over the UK.This really comes as no surprise as not a day has gone by without the need for an umbrella or donning a fetching rain mac … Continue reading

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How to Make Compost

How and why to make compost Making compost is an inexpensive and natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden.It is very easy to make and use. Environment • Composting utilises household and garden rubbish that might normally end up in landfill into beautiful rich soil and plant food for … Continue reading

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Fathers Day 17th June 2012

Father’s Day is fast approaching and with 4 days to go it might be time to start thinking about what to get your Dad. If he’s a keen gardener we’ve got a whole host of things that he might love just a little bit more than the useful but boring pair of socks. Maybe its time to branch out and … Continue reading

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Easter Sheds

A recent survey has revealed that people have well, shedloads of reasons for having a garden shed. Maybe they need a practical extension to their home, a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life or an investment adding value to their home. A modern man’s (or woman’s) shed can truly be their castle. So whether you are a shed … Continue reading

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How to Build a Raised Plant Bed

Summer is calling and it’s time to get planting; try this quick and easy how-to guide to build a raised plant bed in your garden. Raised plant beds are a great addition to any garden. As well as beautifying your green space a raised plant bed acts as a big plant pot, allowing you to control everything from moisture to … Continue reading

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